Hi, I'm Tyler Gilds

User Experience Designer

Currently at dentsuACHTUNG!, previously at Media.Monks and Momkai

Case Studies

Graduation Project

On behalf of dentsuACHTUNG! I Individually planned, researched, designed an internal sales tool concept for a global retail brand to help dematerialize their in-store sales service post-COVID.


A behavioural design project in which I developed an app which guides users to shop more sustainable and feel more competent about making a sustainable impact on the environment.

OBA Booksearcher

Improving the experience of visitors that look for books in one of the biggest libraries in Europe with the use of indoor way finding experience, making the books in the library more accessible for everyone.


In my internship I devised the user experience by creating flows, wireframes and prototypes, rationales and CMS pages like there’s no tomorrow, laying the functional foundation for the visual designers.

About Me

Due to my background in IT, desire for creativity and love for design I was naturally drawn to the field of UXD. This because it allows me to dive into complex issues and behaviours of human beings to design a functional and meaningful solution.


Via LinkedIn

"Tyler is a thoughtful and considerate experience designer who actively seeks feedback and collaborates well with his immediate team. He’s hungry to learn and isn’t afraid to dive headfirst into trying new tools and methodologies or presenting his work to stakeholders. Tyler would make a great addition to any company looking to bolster their team with a talented junior designer with a broad skillset ranging from research to prototyping."
"I loved having Tyler as an intern here at Momkai. Piece the resistance is the Sketch design library that he created for an e-learning product that we make for a client. He first did research on best practices and based on that set up the first version, which he presented himself to the design team. This went really well so we also let him present it to the client himself. Since then we have been using it in the project and will continue using and improving it as the project evolves. Next to that Tyler did a lot of research for projects and was part of the multi disciplinary scrum team, building that e-learning product. I have been collaborating closely with Tyler a lot and had a good time doing so. He is good in receiving design critique and is not afraid to give his opinion on my work too. He is structured and sharp on what needs to be done and checks in on those tasks often. Impressive for an intern. He collaborated well with the other team members and the product owner too. I'd say he's a great addition to your team!"
"Tyler is an amazing guy with a lot of potential to grow into a strong UX designer. As an intern at MediaMonks he has proven to be of great value to the team, both from a social aspect and for his deliveries. Tyler is most skilled in creating wireframes and interactive components, adds feedback loops for his own work, and voiced his concerns about any inconsistencies he came across in a project. I was very impressed with Tyler’s skill and knowledge. Combined with his desire to learn, Tyler would be a real asset to your team. I hope you'll consider coming to MediaMonks when you finish your degree."