In my internship I devised the user experience by creating flows, wireframes and prototypes, rationales and CMS templates like there’s no tomorrow


May – Jul 2019 · 16 Weeks


User Experience Design Intern


Wireframing, component libraries, CMS templates and custom pages, prototyping, rationales, benchmarking.



MediaMonks is a creative digital agency that creates work for companies all over the world. These are projects are in the field of film, VFX, virtual reality, games, installations, platforms and much more.

I followed a User Experience Design internship at the headquarters of MediaMonks. In this internship I helped devise the user experience by structuring content, creating flows, wireframes and prototypes, contribute to component libraries, designing CMS templates, to lay the functional foundation for visual designers. I honestly had a great time at MediaMonks!

Rock Hall of Fame Museum

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame contacted MediaMonks to redesign their entire site. The project came from an “on hold” status of more than half a year, I was suppose to take a fresh look at it and contribute to the project with wireframes.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHOF) is a museum and hall of fame located in Cleveland, Ohio. The museum documents the history of rock music and the artists, producers, engineers, and other notable figures who have influenced its development. It also host a annual ceremony where some of the biggest artist of our generation stop by and are honoured.

Two of the many wireframes I made for the museum.


For this redesign I made wireframes for the support, visit, donations and membership pages that were then passed on to the visual designers. This was based on the prior research that was carried out by MediaMonks New York and my own benchmarks.


When a wireframe for a page was completed I made a rationale for it in a google slide deck. I did this so that I could elaborate the choices that were made in the design process to my UX designers in my team. These rationales were also used in meetings with Rockhall.

Component Library

It was quite difficult for to design something based on research that was not carried on the other side of the atlantic, but it didn;t take long for me to find my way. I asked allot of questions and scheduled meetings with the lead UX on the project to discuss my designs and ask question.


The Mclaren site was outdated and needed a redesign. On the Mclaren Automotive project, I helped devise the templates and created custom pages for the Content Management System.

Description McLaren Automotive is a British car manufacturer founded in 1989. McLaren specializes in making cars based on Formula 1 technology and works closely with Team McLaren.

Example of a template I build.

Developing Templates

Most components were already fully thought out and designed. While creating the templates, I looked at the components and determined which component could be placed in which template. I made a separate overview for each template.

In this I have worked a lot with the Sr. UX designer on the project. She explained a lot about how components work in a CMS and what the templates are for. I definitely learned allot from her! 

Spotting Inconsistencies

While creating the templates I also took a critical look at the designs’ and identified inconsistencies and flaws. The project lead was liked that I did this and also made changes on the designs based on my input.

Contributing to the workshop and presentation

The UX lead gave me a nice compliment. My overviews were a big help for her presentation and workshop. She entered a room full of nervous stakeholders from London. The templates gave them a good sense of the current situation and were the project was headed.

High level wireframes for the custom pages in the CMS.

Developing custom pages

After creating templates I started looking at the custom pages that had to be designed. For this I translated content placed on the current pages into new wireframes based on the newly designed components. These wireframes were intended to give an idea of the structure and structure of these pages. This describes for each element what kind of component is used.


The last project I worked was Genesis (Hyundai Motor Group). I worked closely with the UX lead and MediaMonks Buenos Aires on a huge component library.

Genesis Motor, LLC, commonly referred to as Genesis, is the luxury vehicle division of South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group.

The Problem

There were some clashed in the project because the UI team in Buenos Aires already started working on high fidelity screens which contained components that weren’t finished yet. 

Wireframes with annotations about the used components from the Genesis component library

Providing structure to the situation

I focused on identifying incorrect components in UI screens. These components were subsequently changed, designed and added to the component library. I reported and modified these components myself.

After that, I designed them in a way they could be approved and added them to the component library. I alway was in close contact with my UX lead when I did this.

Product detail pagina’s voor de Genesis G70 serie.

This example shows how label C-30 links to component “C-30, text and asset” in the component book.

Developing mobile wireframes

While transforming desktop viewports to mobile viewports, I found more inconsistencies. In the wireframes I stated what components were placed by individually labeling each component with a label that is linked to the component book. 

This allowed UX designers on the project to better understand what components were used. This was also noticed by the designers in Buenos Aires asking whether it could be used everywhere. The UX designers then adopted this style of working for the project (and perhaps other projects in the future).

Internship Takeaways

✅ MediaMonks

At the end of my internship period, I look back at a very fun, but above all educational, period in MediaMonks. This internship felt much less like an internship than all my previous experiences.

User Experience Design is something I like, feel comfortable with. My feedback form and the experience as a whole greatly increase in my confidence as a designer.

✅ Communication

In MediaMonks I worked on three big international projects where I occasionally had contact with teams from other countries (Buenos Aires, New York and Cleveland). This has given me new insights on how projects run in a large design agency.

I have seen that projects don’t always go in a straight line. Clients might have a different idea about something and the fact that two teams worked at two different MediaMonk offices only signified the importance of good communication.

Looking back, I am very happy that I was able to participate in these projects. During this period I have certainly been able to further improve my communication skills.

💡 Points of improvement

During my internship I noticed and learned what I want to improve in the future. I sometimes was still a bit reluctant to present work that was not finished and didn’t always appear confident when I presented it in a public setting. When people spoke to me alone, they told me it was the exact opposite.

Other Work