About Me


I’m Tyler Gilds, a Communication and Multimedia Design student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I specialised myself in User Experience Design and Behavioural Sciences during this course to create exceptional digital interactive user experiences. I love to contribute to and manage the whole design process from discovery to the implementation phase

My Goals

My long term goal is to create meaningful technological experiences that are accessible, easy to use and provide people with an efficient way to deal with obstacles or to interact with brands. My ultimate goal is to consistently design technology have a big positive impact on people their lives.

My Vision

I believe in empowering people with information and technology in a way they can make easier or better decisions for themselves, saving time and allowing them to focus on the stuff in live that really matters. 

Primary Skills


User Research

Im a firm believer that the best design solutions come from user research. By this we can understand expectations, behaviours, needs, motivations and  apply social and behavioural sciences to the design process.


Design Thinking

I work user-centered from the discovery fase to the defining, developing and delivering fase of MVP products trough the double diamond framework.


Interaction Design

I tend to look at designs on micro-interaction level to make sure the tiniest detail of information is conveyed in the right way. When designing, I like to start with paper sketches, digitalise in Sketch/Figma, and finish with animating in Principle.


More about me

Beside design, I like to stay active in my free time. I like to play basketball, go for a run and cross-fit. I also enjoy going out to concerts or festivals, traveling, parks, try new food, playing video games, cooking, hanging out with my friends and binge-watching movies & shows. I’m also interested in emerging technology, photography, illustration and art!

I like to travel to experience new things and meet new people. Last year I made a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and the year before that I made a trip to Rome, Italy. I’m aiming to go somewhere in South America or Africa next.

I’ve been a New York Knicks fan since I was 15. Visiting a NBA game at Madison Square Garden, NYC is definitely something on my bucket list. Preferably against the celtics.

I really like to cook and I frequently try new recipes (with a 20% chance of failure).